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Women of Internet explain what you think it’s like having a dick?

Seems like putting your underwear on doesn’t seem straightforward. Like, girls just pull the pants on and we’re good to go. Penises seem like they might need more adjustment.

people think for some reason you are obligated to stand while you pee. sometimes it gets blood or doesn’t get blood at inopportune times. you’ve got something between your legs you can’t really forget about because you have to be conscious about accidentally squishing it, and also it’s constantly just moving of it’s own accord. you will always know in the back of your head how your size ranks among other sizes and even if you don’t let that positively or negatively affect you in any way the knowledge is still there, lurking.

I imagine it flopping and flapping around everywhere. Getting in the way. Being a bother.

I feel like it would be so much easier to get turned on due to a large sex organ just flopping around outside of my body! ( I’m actually sorta jealous about that- the easy horniness, not the flopping).
I feel also that it might bother me a lot and I’d have to adjust it a lot? Example: if my sock seam feels crooked, I have to adjust that or I’ll go crazy. I can’t imagine having to do the whole penis and balls arrangement and having it all feel comfortable on the first try.
So I’d be forever running late due to trying to arrange the whole package and whatnot. I feel like I’d have to wear briefs to get everything to stay in place? But lots of men wear boxers so maybe you get used to the floppiness and/or maybe it all just hangs more comfortably than I imagine?

I think I’d quite enjoy peeing with my pants up. That would be so handy on cold mornings when camping or during so many other situations where you might not want to expose your butt to the elements, etc.

Erections are a whole nother deal that I would be distracted by. I’m also secretly pretty jealous of what they must feel like!! But having one pop up at an inopportune time would be uncomfortable, I would think. I would feel like my body was betraying me if it got hard when I didn’t want it to. Is it easy to think about something non-sexy and make it go away?

I cannot believe how long my answer to this question was! My poor SO has put up with many questions over the years and I am sure he has wondered why I ask so many. It’s just so different from our (females) setup! I can’t help but wonder about it all!!

Wobbly sausage between the legs.