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Women of Internet: how long has your honeymoon phase lasted in your relationship?

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With honeymoon phase I don’t mean the phase where you have rose tinted glasses but the phase in which everything has just been so good between you and your partner.

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

Married for almost 13 years and we’re still smitten with each other. We make each other laugh, never take each other for granted, love spending time together. I’m extremely fortunate!

Together 3 years. He still randomly takes my hand and kisses it; I still playfully chase him upstairs trying to pinch his butt; we still slow dance in the kitchen for a few minutes every day after work.

I’ve been with my husband for 10 years (married for 4) and we haven’t left that phase!

He still makes me smile every time he walks into the room.

30yrs together and we’ve never been happier. We never argue, we know each other so well we can finish each others thoughts. Over time we’ve just sort of morphed into each others ideal partner. We always got along well but it’s just gotten better and easier over time.

been with partner for over 20 years, still going strong! he’s just so amazing.

It lasted until the first day of our honeymoon and suddenly doors werent being held open for me, drinks were being ordered but not mine, half the foods he had eaten very willingly prior to marriage he suddenly didnt like …… yeah great fun! 15 years later, he is still my soulmate, we spend all our time together, love each other loads and he is back doing what he used to do !

I feel like a clown settling for the bare minimum for forever. This gives me hope.. <3

It’s still going on strong it only goes away. In my opinion, if you let it, if you stop doing all the things that brought you guys together, it goes away. In my opinion, you gotta nurture it.

There are lots of people here who love their partners, and I do too, but I’ll add something. While things are very good between my partner and I, that doesn’t mean we haven’t faced challenges that were difficult and hurtful in some way. It’s just that we supported one another and have always treated each other with kindness. That’s the key

Been together 20 years married 13 and still feels the same. The secret is not having kids

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