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Women who knew they were going to marry their SO soon after meeting them, what was that like? What made the encounter/them different?

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I’ve seen a couple of people describe a sense of ‘knowing’/ premonition when they first laid eyes on their SO. I’m curious to hear lovely stories and experiences of women who had this feeling and are happily married!

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My now husband once described it like running late to something important, and then finally getting there and relaxing, like he had been looking for me all his life and finally found me. It’s exactly how I felt about him.

But it wasn’t a movie-like premonition, definitely not as soon as we met. We hooked up at a club (I thought he was cute as hell, but nothing more than sexual attraction), then the next day after talking for a while he asked me out on a proper date, and we were official a week after meeting. I think I started to realize that he was the one a few weeks in. It’s been 6 years and we’re disgustingly happy.

It was like a breath of fresh air when you didn’t realize you’ve been holding your breath.

I thought I knew what love would feel like, and I seriously thought I was in love with a man before I met him (me and my ex had broken up just a few months prior), but with my husband, it hit me like “this is it, this is love”. Probably the earliest sign was how easy the conversation was. It was non-stop and flowing, but the biggest kicker was that the silences felt comfortable. He felt like family, someone I could just hang around without needing to be any sort of way.

It was immediate for me and my husband. From the first moment, all the little doubts and worries that had come with relationships in the past just didn’t exist. I never wondered if he was going to call or text back – I knew he would. I never wondered if he felt the same way as I did – I knew he did. We just fell into step seamlessly. Been together 15 years and counting!

He’s never made me feel uncomfortable. One of my friend’s mother used to say “true love is very unromantic, it’s comfortable and easy. So people usually don’t recognise it”. I recognised it and married him 🙂

We both felt lucky to have the other person. Everything felt easy and safe.

It was like I’d known him my whole life. It was just easy. He immediately felt like home. It’s hard to say really I remember thinking that this was it on our second date I think.

Never believed in love, or any of this stuff. So I’m a convert!

When I met them, I just knew it was all true.

When you know, you know.

It feels like you’ve known them your whole life and you were just waiting for them to turn up (even though you didn’t know you were waiting). I remember feeling mild annoyance at the fact they existed. Like oh, wtf, it’s this simple? I really should have tried to find you sooner.

Of course it doesn’t work that way, but it’s how I felt.

If anybody needs to hear this, don’t settle for less! Your person is out there.

We originally met in college, but reconnected 4 years ago, and have now been married for a year. After not seeing each other for years we caught up over a beer when I was in his city and we ended up hanging out for 10 hours. At various points in the day my brother was with us, his sister was with us, some other friends popped in, but we were just so zoned in on each other that we didn’t pay much attention to anyone else. He was saying so many things that I had thought privately, about what I was looking for in a partner and about what my goals for a marriage and the future were.

I got in a lyft with my brother at the end of the night and was like, “Me and [husband] should get married, yeah?” and my brother was like you’re dumb stop, lol. Here we are 4 years later, about to celebrate a full year of marriage! Even still I just orbit around him when he’s in the room and looking at him makes me smile, I feel so safe with him. I came into things just being myself and knowing what I wanted and he accepts me entirely, I think that’s how my ‘when you know, you know’ feeling came about.

It felt like someone finally truly had my back and I could breathe for the first time.

I really wish my mother was still alive so I could ask her for you. She told me many times that she decided my dad was The One when he was her paperboy. I never thought to ask how she knew. Now I’m really upset with myself for not knowing.

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