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Women who married someone who didn’t have a steady job back then but had ambition, how is it going now?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.Women who married someone who didn’t have a steady job back then but had ambition, how is it going now?

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He just texted me about half an hour ago to let me know his $13,000 raise was approved.

It’s going well. He eventually got a couple of crappy jobs, decided he wanted to do better. He went back to school and got his degree, is about to start a new (better) job!

Ambition is just desire. He wanted to do great things but never applied himself or always had excuses. I ended up being financially responsible for us both. That + other reasons eventually led to divorce.

He always blamed everybody else for why he wasn’t ahead in life and had big dreams but never wanted to do the work to make it there 😂 we are now very much broken up and he’s probably looking for someone else to mooch off of

Great. She finished school and has a good career.

Great! He was a grad student living on a small stipend. He finished his degree, took a temp job, then found a permanent job. When we got married I earned more than him, but over time it evened out and we both earn close to the same amount.

I’m the breadwinner, he’s a SAHD. It works well for us, but it is not what either of us would have chosen if we could wave a magic wand and have what we want instead of having to work for it.

Incredible! He did have a decent job as a manager at a gym, but it definitely wasn’t going anywhere. I was still in college at the time and only working part time. He ended up taking a chance on a whole new career path with a friend of his when he had $1,000 in savings. It was really do or die and I supported him going for it. That was 10 years ago. He now makes around $350-$400 grand a year. We have a beautiful home with no mortgage, a daughter and one on the way, and I’m able to stay home with my babies. He’s an amazing husband and father who puts us above everything else. He’s had to overcome a lot in his life and I think the tough times have helped him in the long run because he’s got so much drive and ambition to succeed. Very proud of him!

That potential never worked out. Divorced that one and married a self starter.

Never married but… I supported him best I could. Raised our child more or less on my own, worked my ass off at work and at home so he could get his driver’s license, do a vocational training of three years to become a geriatric carer/nurse (don’t know the correct term in English), manage to make a good solid salary, has a nice car now and as thanks he traded me in for another woman who apparently is more adventurous in bed and who has three kids by god knows how many men. Going swell, if you ask me…

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