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You know how police departments normally try to defend themselves? Where’s all the body camera footage showing they are doing nothing wrong?

Body cam footage solves nothing, because the problem isnt that there just isnt enough of it. The people in a position to hold police accountable are not willing to do so. Having proof(footage or otherwise) will not change that. Proof of your crimes and misdeeds doesnt mean much if nobody is willing to punish you for it.

It’s nowhere because THEY DID DO WRONG.

Lol I’m sure they can unload 1,000,000 hours of them doing the right thing if you promise to devote your life to watching it.

What a silly concept. I always thought logic would prevail and people would realize this situation is being packaged and sold by the media and people get why: because it sells.

But honestly, as time goes on, I think people are just about as dumb as George Carlin always preached. How do you not realize these instances represent less than a tenth of 1% of police interaction? It’s insane! #GiantMeteor2020 pls

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