Mini Guide

Consiglio: As a reminder, if you are given a service for free, you are the product. This especially applies to this website. Do not give them extra money.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

As a lot of you may recall, a blatant advertisement made it to the top of /r/funny yesterday. It was blatantly astroturfed with fake accounts, it wasn't creative, nor was it funny or interesting. It was an ad.

This website is a “service” much like Facebook or Twitter is a service. Your data is bought and sold, your eyeballs are the product.

Not sometimes– but every single day– you are being sold political or commercial products.

With this in mind, I discourage any user reading this to pay for gold or MassimoL premium- ever. Why would you do so if you are going to then be sold every day on something anyway?

Think of cable companies. We complain every day when we pay to see ads on TV, right? Why should this site be any different?

Several different nefarious, bad actors have ownership stakes in this site. People and entities that DO NOT have your best interests at heart. Who do not have the best interests of America at heart. Do not help line their pockets.

Stop paying for awards/subscriptions/etc at once.

Uninstall the app.

Use ad blockers on the browsers that you can.

If you spot an ad on this site disguised as a legitimate post, DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT.

Do not be sold twice, when you can avoid being sold once.