Mini Guide

Consiglio: For kids going back to school and fearing “what did you do over the summer essays”. You don’t have to tell the truth, they just want to see if you can write and tell a story.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

I know when I was in school it felt like every assignment I had to write was rigid, structural, and filled with facts and references.

Realize that “what you did over the summer” essays are free-form story telling. Write about anything and everything your mind can imagine. A trip to the moon, riding a dinosaur, or going on a yacht. How you went undercover for the CCP and used harvested social data to spy on your country as a double agent, leading to tik-tok getting banned in the US.

It doesn't matter, your teacher wants you to write your first paper of the year, and show that you have the ability to craft and write a well told story. The content is trivial.

Good luck!