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Consiglio: Good friends do NOT necessarily make good roommates.

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I saw it over and over again in college (and now again after). Close friends in high school decide to room together and realize they are not compatible with each other. Their friendship gets stressed because they're at odds at home. Then it usually erupts dramatically and they stop speaking to each other. Happens as well with people that meet in college and move to apartments either during or after college.

This isn't to say that friends can't make good roommates, but make sure you have an explicit and honest discussion about your living habits. For instance, what do you personally consider to be “clean”? Are a few dishes in the sink okay or does everything have to be spotless? These may seem like minor things, but they add up fast.

I have seen more friends fail as roommates than succeed, but the ones that always worked out the best were ones that communicated properly and didn't just pick each other because they were friends. Keeping a friendship is usually better than picking your easiest rooming option.