Mini Guide

Consiglio: If you have to write a paper based on a book and you are struggling where to begin, start with skimming around and find a few quotes that jump out depicting a theme. You can center your body paragraphs around each quote with supporting points, and before you know it, you’ll have a paper.

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It might sound really basic, but it works well for me. Instead of coming up with ideas then searching for quotes to support your ideas, do the opposite: find quotes first then give supporting ideas. You will probably find that you get papers done more efficiently this way!

If you’re having issues with which quotes to pick out, try googling “[name of book] quotes” and it will usually pull up some websites that have some of the heavy lifting done for you.

EDIT: obviously you should be careful to make sure quotes given on certain websites are accurate. That probably did not need to be said, but just in case.