Mini Guide

Consiglio: , if you plan on proposing, don’t buy sterling silver jewelry with soft stones. Opt for a cheaper gold and cheaper yet hard stone like sapphire or moissanite instead of diamond.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Unless you plan on replacing the ring, avoid sterling silver and soft gemstones!

Sterling silver is soft and will wear down very quickly. Any etching or design work on the metal will deteriorate within a few years with daily wear. CZ and similar softer stones will cloud and show dirt very easily. CZ and softer stones will also scratch and make the stone appear cloudy.

Moissanite and sapphire are great diamond alternatives and look beautiful!

You can get a beautiful ring for around $400 that will stand the test of time and with regular cleaning, it will remain flawless!

Im in the process of picking a ring and wanted to put this out there for anyone who doesn’t know about durability, because I didn’t! I wanted silver at first because of the price tag but I opted for gold because of the above.

Please do your research on different stones and metals that fit your budget before purchasing!

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