Mini Guide

Consiglio: If you see an old person struggling with heavy bags and want to help, offer them something to hold in return

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Last week I saw a little old lady trying to carry a bag of shopping that must have weighed roughly the same as her, I felt like I had to help so I approached her slowly and politely offered.

She accepted as she was going the same way as me, but as she passed me her her bag she said “would you like me to hold yours instead?”, my response was “no honestly its fine” because my bag was clearly also heavy.

Now what I should have done was take the heavier items out, hold them under my arm and pass her a lighter bag because unfortunately we live in a world where people steal from old ladies and though we had a nice conversation, I could tell she was kinda scared that I would run off the entire time.

I can't blame her I'm a skinny guy in my 20s, at any point I could have legged it and she'd be without her weeks shopping which I saw came to over £80. I ended up only taking the bag around the corner for her to a place where she could phone a taxi from, she was really appreciative but I could tell she was also relieved when I passed her the bag back.

People have to be cautious so just try to think about how you come across when offering help to strangers.