Mini Guide

Consiglio: If you want to start your child’s adult life with good credit and you have good credit, get them a card when they’re younger.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Add an authorized user to your own line of credit, this being your child, and give them the credit card with their name on it when they need cash (or just keep it and don’t peep 🤫🤫). do this only if you have great credit history because you also don’t want to mess up someone’s credit along with your own. do this when they’re about 15 and they will end up with a credit history of years before they can open their own line of credit. It’s a great opportunity for any parents and eventually the kids so they can be approved for more life things (cars, apartments, loans, anything with a credit check). Of course with this, the opportunity arises to teach them how credit works so they can witness it and learn it before they’re even allowed to delve into it for themselves! 🤠