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Consiglio: If your car is damaged in accident and you’re not at fault, also file a diminished value claim to recoup the loss in value of your car due to being in an accident. If you don’t like the offer you get, hire an independent appraiser.

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My wife’s 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee was recently rear ended. After having about $5k worth of damage repaired, I filed a diminished value claim. Progressive Insurance (the insurance of the person who was at fault) offered me $400. I said no. They then offered $600. I said no. The body shop who fixed the car recommended an independent appraiser who they said almost always gets you more money. I paid him $300 for an appraisal report that showed that the value based on auctions etc is between 2-3k. I sent that report to Progressive. They reviewed it and then had their appraiser do their own research and then contacted my appraiser to negotiate a “settlement”. We agreed on $2100.

The independent appraiser told me not enough people know about diminished value claims. He said if you have a later model car with under X miles (varies by state), it’s a no brainer claim but never accept the insurance company’s offer because they will low ball you a lot until you bring them evidence otherwise. All this cost me was $300 and 45 min of my time to have the appraiser see and take photos of the vehicle.