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Consiglio: Life is a living event, you can’t just plan ahead thinking everything is going to happen like what you expected. Learn to react to to event and think of your next step instead of what will happen in your far future.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Now on paper, it may seems like a unwise idea to not plan ahead beforehand but it is quite the opposite. In theory it doesn't make sense why will you try to illustrate your future. Future is an abstract idea therefore it can't be mapped out . Think of it like this, if I tell you to draw love, you might draw a heart but heart SYMBOLIZES love but it is not love itself. So what is the actual reason why you shouldn't plan your future.

1. It can slow down people: People often dwell in their past and dream of their future rather than focusing on their present state. Think what you can accomplish without the times you try to map out your future. You might learn a new hobby and actually get things done instead of dreaming of learning it.

2. It can confuse people: We all dreamed of our future in a way but what if things go not accordingly to your plan. The answer is simple, most people will simply re-edit their future plan. If that is the case then why did you make it in the first place? See, this prove my claim earlier, life is a living event you just have to react to it. Our reaction is mostly based on instinct and emotions and this is different from person to person. Just see how things go in your life and think of a next step instead of thinking what will happen in your far future. Its like a jig-saw puzzle, you have to look at the next step to “piece it”.

3. We all have a Goal we know: Yes, this may sound like a cliché but we know what we wanted. Some people might be confused about their future but having the confusion means that you are aware of your future you just don't know how to approach it. Why? Many people can relate to this but we often think of something like this example: “I want to be an artist but they don't make money” and “I want to be a lawyer but they don't interest me as much as being an artist”. You know your option you just don't know which to choose. Go with your instinct, you will have to make a choice some point or another. A plan often follows a single path for your future but life often just tells you that their are other “secret” path you never realize. Adding on to the example, what if one day you feel that “Hey, coding and making games seems interesting for me and I never realized it”. If you blindly follow your “Life Plan” it will be a hinderance into finding other options in your life. Maybe, in the end you say, “Hey, an Artist still suits me the best” then go for it. We make choice based on our own favor and it should always be that way.

I'm not saying that a plan is always bad but people are often too obsessed with it always wanting to follow exactly this “future” they mapped out. Your future isn't a linear path, some curves can lead you to place you never found before.