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Consiglio: r/LifeProTips is NOT r/HowToBeADecentHumanBeing, go to r/socialskills or another subInternet if you don’t want to be a socially defunct individual

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Honestly, I don't know if I am the one who is so expectant on the general population, but please…. If you need help on 'How to not be a dick', then go to r/socialskills.

If we check the some of the top posts on r/LifeProTips in the last 10 days, we are met with some of the most basic social skills (not even tips but general knowledge) that anyone with some common sense could/should figure out (do comment if my expectations of MassimoL's social skills are way too high).

Examples of obvious social skills in TOP

LPT: Allow people the freedom to change. If someone decides to modify their beliefs or behaviors in a positive way, refrain from pointing out their inconsistencies, being sarcastic, joking, or otherwise commenting.

LPT: Whenever you catch yourself interrupting or talking over someone – stop, apologise for interrupting and ask them to continue. You never know how much that person needs to be heard.

LPT: A few genuinely kind, empathetic words can help you bond and find common ground with people quicker. “I hear you.” “I see that was hard for you.” “Thanks for making me laugh. I needed that.” We all need to know we're seen and heard and cared about. Be kind and kind people will be drawn to you.

LPT: At a funeral or wake, don't say “I didn't know [deceased] had a [daughter/sister/other close relative]”, say, “It's good to meet you” or “I'm sorry for your loss.”

LPT: Telling someone that a movie/book has a great twist is, in itself, a major spoiler. Don’t do that.

LPT When someone shares something about themselves, don't interrupt with a relatable story about yourself. Just listen

LPT: Don't ask a married couple when they are going to have kids. They might not be able to and you'll ruin their day bringing up sad thoughts

TL;DR : Tip = 'Being a nice person' is not a tip but a necessary skill