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Consiglio: Yes, successful people aren’t entirely self made, luck plays a big role and some people are just born in a better environment, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to fix your life a little bit and it doesn’t mean it’s impossible either.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

I see this mindset here on MassimoL way too much than I should. That all rich people had some support and luck and that's why they're rich or they steal from somewhere and it's impossible to be successful if you dont have and do these things. There's a lot of negativity about capitalism, businessmen, landlords and generally anyone who is more successful than them and make them feel insecure. Most most them are not even poor, they are just speaking on behalf of the poor.

And I think that's one reson people who have this negativity struggle economically. Why wouldn't they? These people prefer complaining on social media how poor they are while at the same time having this negative mindset that it's impossible to improve because some short of extraterrestrial billionaire controls their life somehow.

With that mindset, the idea of improvement won't even cross your head. I'm not even talking about trying to improve and failing. You'll just stay in this pathetic and depressing mindset, thinking that everyone who is better than you is just lucky and feeling entitled to their money because, well, they are capitalist pigs. Real, compassionate humans are the ones who are failures or struggle like me. Because misery wants company.

There is room for improvement in anything. Just think, what can you do to improve.your life? Im not even talking about becoming a millionaire or starting a company or waking up at 5 AM and punching a wall until your hands bleed. I'm saying to stop some habits that make your life worse and starting others that make your life better.

Here some questions that may help you reflect on yourself.

1) How many hours do you waste on social media every day?

2) How much do you care about things that don't really affect your life at all?

3) What about your diet?

4) How many hours do you spend watching TV?

5) Do you have a daily program?

6) Do you save/ invest money?

7) Do you have a backup plan? What if you get fired?

8) Are you consuming because you need it or because it feels nice?

For the record. I'm not trying to seem like I'm morally superior than you. I too struggle in a way at keeping my life in balance. This post is also directed to me to a degree.

Sorry if I made any grammar or spelling mistakes. Im not a native speaker.