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Consiglio: You are not a trophy, don’t attach your sense of self-worth just to your achievements.

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I've dealt with self-esteem issues during most of my life, and a lot of them come from moments where I've felt I have not achieved anything of significance in my life. I compare myself to others, to my friends, and see what they have achieved at my age, or younger, and I feel lacking in comparison.

But the thing is, I'm not a trophy, none of us are. We are not some shiny objects to be gawked at by others sitting on a counter. Every single little thing we do has worth. From having the strength to get up and go to work to a job we hate, to spending time with friends and family, to the small success we can have in our daily lives. Trophies are great, but once you get them, they become static, they never grow or improve. We are more than our achievements because we also are how we got to them.