Racconti di Guerra

My first pump and learning lessons.

Un altro racconto di guerra; questa volta l’utente sephstorm scrive:

IDK if i've told this story before, but I had to take a break from here, just too many good stories.

Anyway this was back in the early 00's. I was in the USMC and I was sent on my first deployment on a MEU. I was an Admin Marine and I was pretty much the only one from my section attached to a Infantry unit.

We did a Med float and we ended up visiting a number of countries. This was my first time out of the country, and as a young man I had few life experiences or knowledge, I also as a rarity in the Corps didn't smoke or drink, relevant later. But something in me told me to do the right things so it wasn't long before we hit our first port call I think it was Civitavecchia. Somehow I had made friends along the way and I hung out with my buddies while they were drinking. I dont remember much about hanging out with them except that we were trying not to be “obnoxious Americans” while still having a good time. None of our group got in trouble though we heard a few stories. But I did learn few things. First was that at some point I didn't want to be the sober one. Second was, as I was helping carry my buddies back to the ship, was about taking care of your friends. Like I said while these things were kind of talked about in training, you didn't really see them done in boot camp, or at your unit, at least not my POG unit. This was the first time I had to take responsibility for someone else and it stayed with me through my time in, and out.

Eventually I got to return the favor on the outside when I was freaking blacked out and my buddies got me back home safe.

Anyway this probably wasn't a fun or exciting story but it popped in my head and I wanted to share. Feel free to add your own in the comments.