Do men have hormonal rhythms in the way women do around periods without the coinciding biological event?

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If so, are there traceable impacts on behavior, supposing they could be traced? Similarly, do women have hormonal rhythms that don’t relate to the period? Are there differences?

Ed ecco le risposte degli esperti:

We actually all have hormonal rhythms relating mostly to the circadian clock. There is a specific region in the hypothalamus of the brain, termed the suprachiasmatic nucleus, that is thought to be in large part responsible for a variety of our daily, physiological circadian rhythms.

Women absolutely have hormonal rhythms unrelated to periods as do men. Although the most common usage of hormones is relating to sex hormones, there are a wide variety of hormones that govern everything from your body’s stress response to water balance. If you measure the concentration of these hormones over time, you can in some cases, see distinct patterns relating to various temporal events.

I would like to note that usually most hormones are released in an oscillating, pulsatile manner. So even over the course of a few hours, you can see relatively wide spikes or patterns in the concentration of various hormones.

Here’s just one source talking about circadian rhythms, but it’s a very active field of research:

One researcher found evidence of a monthly male hormonal cycle, but as far as I’m aware his work hasn’t been corroborated with other experiments, or reproduced. So, very far from proven, but it’s possible.