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BF tried to have sex with me while I was asleep

he couldn’t wake you up?


“aren’t you overreacting a bit?”


get the hell out of there until he can at least grow up, be halfway honest with you and apologise.

Uhm that sounds like he tried to rape you. I dont say this often here but it’s time to leave.

“Aren’t you overreacting a bit?” NO. No you’re fucking not. He tried to rape you – and he DID sexually assault you (digital penetration is still assault). If anything, you’re under-reacting by not reporting this shit to the police (though please don’t feel pressured to do so). If you feel up to it, I think you should consider reporting him because his reaction of don’t you think you’re overreacting sounds like he might have done this before to someone else, and I’d put money on him doing it again. But please, please do not go back to him. This was not an honest mistake or a miscommunication on his part. This was a test to see what he can get away with when it comes to violating your boundaries and bodily autonomy. I guarantee this would not be the last time he does something like this if you stay together. Please don’t put yourself through that.