Relazioni e amore

Dealing with work rumors about my boyfriend(30m) and I feel like I(27f) am going down in spiral because of it.

There’s no point to message the girl. Is she even aware that you exist? Even if she does know about you, it’s on your bf to choose how he behaves around her.

Having said that, this is a LOT of hearsay. Does anyone have any proof? Like did anyone get a photo of the two of them eating lunch in the car? Does any one have any text conversations about the weekend coworker hangout (where/when things happened, any selfies from the event, etc.) Not to say whether this all may or may not be true, but is it possible your friends might be trying to nudge you to leave him?

You can let him know you have heard all these rumors when you guys talk. But the likelihood is that either way he’s going to say it’s not true, because a) it’s actually not true or b) he’ll deny doing anything. It would be really good if you had some actual evidence before confronting him.

This is a hard situation. Someone is lying to you, whether it’s him or your friends. I guess it comes down to, who do you trust more, him or your friends? You have a lot to think about. I wish you good luck.

>I was going to message the girl

Why? Your issue it with your boyfriend. Ask him what’s going on. If he is lying about his age what else does he lie about? If you are on a break and all this is happening, I think you ought to continue the break permanently.

Sounds like the “space” is turning into a breakup.

Not a fan of the slut shaming

Him having a hickey is pretty undeniable no? Are there alternative causes for a hickey? It seems like there’s really no grey area here. If someone’s sucking in his neck he has cheated on you

I would also point out that you might be interpreting a break differently than him. If I have a partner that asks for a “break” I would never consider sleeping around wrong. Break is half the words in breakup.

Upon further reading you said your friends are hearing this from coworkers. Your friends are not the ones that observed the flirting and or hickey. This just isn’t evidence… the coworkers rumor mill is just as unreliable if they told you or your friends. Generally the rule of thumb is, if you label the news as a rumor, you shouldn’t listen to it