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Hi! I’m a barista (23F) I have a crush on a regular customer and I’m also very shy.

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I’ve been working at my cafe for more than a year now. There’s this guy who’ve been a regular since I first started, I didn’t like him instantly because he was always moody and he never smiles. I’m assuming he was very stressed at that time?

But then, around July last year, he started to get really nice. And when he actually smiled at me and made eye contact with me for the first time, I was a goner. I was so taken aback that I just couldn’t stopped myself from smiling and blushing. He reacted with smiling as big as I did and ever since then, whenever he comes to the shop, we would be smiling equally as big to each other, I always feel as if we’re sharing an inside joke. We would also catch each other looking sometimes too!

He never fails to come on Sunday (before the pandemic). I’m always on shift on Sunday and also always the one taking his order. Not to flatter myself but deep in my heart I’m hoping he does this on purpose(to see me since he knows I’m always working on Sunday) but then again it’s probably because it’s the only free time he has in a week. He doesn’t stay for long too.

I hope I’m not ranting, I’m new to this app.
Anyway, I really want to get to know him but like I say in the title, I’m very shy, I can’t even make eye contact with him anymore.
Another problem is, he always comes during the busiest hours, and there would be a queue behind him when I’m taking his order, it would be out of the question to strike a conversation then.

Any advice on how to strike a conversation with him? What to talk about to get to know him? (I’m not working at the moment but I’m planning ahead once the pandemic is over lol)

Put your number on his cup 🙂

Some, not many unfortunately, men know that it is your job to be all smiley and maybe flirty so they won’t see it as you genuinely liking them. If he is one of them, you will have to make the first, obvious, move. Simply give him your number. There are many reasons he could be not interested, he could be taken, his mind could be on someone else, he could be gay, who cares really, JUST DO IT.

One of the sweetest stories I’ve seen on here, makes for a nice change from all the dirt. Leave your number in his napkin. 🙂

Edit: You can get to know him more when you’re on a date!

What a coincidence, I had a sorta similar situation so I can relate. (there is this barista at this local joint that i frequent and I am the dude going in whenever I can to see her)

Basically what you want to do is get to know him a tad, chat him up with small talk and see if you can find out his relationship status etc

As for me turns out she was taken ? so im rooting for you lol good luck!!

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