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How to help my husband stop backseat gaming?

“I don’t want your help. It makes the game not fun for me. Please listen to what I want.”

“I told you I don’t want your help. Why are you doing what I’ve asked you not to do?”

“Why aren’t you listening to me when I tell you what I want? Why does that not matter to you?”

I have no advice for you unfortunately. But I do have a big THANK YOU! I just showed my husband your post as an explanation on why I don’t play games with him, because of the same reason. His response was all you had to do was say something, which I did. I just stopped playing because it wasn’t worth it. So I get where you are coming from COMPLETELY.

I just stopped playing. His constant “advice” and tips was just annoying beyond all measure and I had politely had the conversation, more than once, about how and why his helpful hints were ruining the games.

Unfortunately he didn’t quite get it and kept telling me how to do shit so I just stopped playing entirely. After a bit, he asked me why I didnt play anymore and I flat out said “Games are supposed to be fun, and you ruin the games and keep me from having fun.” Like, no nasty tone of voice no anger, just a blanket statement of “You’re a giant wet blanket.”

He leaves me alone now and I get to run around a moron blowing everyone to hell with my Charizard. Win win.