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What are some keys to a long happy relationship with a significant other?

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What have you learned to be important and necessary?

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

Treat them well, even when you’re upset. Be quick to sincerely apologize. Do kind things for them as often as possible. Check yourself on your bad moods, really examine if you’re being emotional (which passes) or if something is actually wrong

What I learned so far:

  • When you fucked up, say sorry
  • When they are right, say “You’re right.”
  • Hug them every day and never underestimate the power of a nice headscratch

Basic compatibility, COMMUNICATION, mutual respect, and love.

  • Communication

  • Respect for each other and the relationship

  • Recognize when you’re wrong and apologize

  • Always be on the same team. Disagreements should not be you vs your partner, but the two of you vs the problem.

  • Choose this person as your partner every day. Learn what having a partner means to you, and work to be the best partner you can be to them.

Look up Gottmans four horseman of the apocalypse. He’s a prominent researcher and therapist who studies relationships. After you learn about the four things that can ruin a relationship, work on your own emotional intelligence to ensure you don’t act like that in your relationships.

Criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling poison relationships.

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