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How many sexual partners did you have during high school? College?

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Why? Do you regret it or are you happy with the amount?

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Well, looking at the comments it’s comforting to know that there are a lot of us in the depressing 0.

1 in highschool, and the same person through college. She’s my wife now

No ragerts

0 0 still 0 at 30

Hs 0

College 8

I regret both tbh, looking back at Hs I had opportunities that I was too nervous to pursue.

In college I actually had several girls I could have dated for a while but I was too caught up in other things to put in the effort.

One girl in particular was really cool but I fucked it up by being a flakey douche

0 and 0. Major regrets for college but not so much for high school.