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I finally kissed her!

The-Tale ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

My girlfriend and I been friends for 5 years, caught feelings for each other a little over a year ago, and actually started dating last month. I finally kissed her last night while walking her to her car. We were hugging and she wouldn't let go. I knew it was time. I literally said “screw it, I'm just gonna do it” . When she pulled away to see what I was talking about I pulled her back in and we just melted into each other. As we pulled away she giggles and pulls me back in. Honestly it was pure bliss. I couldnt stop smiling for the rest of the night! Sorry don't mean to brag, just wanted to share with someone!

I am super ready to kiss my bf, and he is just as ready to kiss me. We’ve been together a lil over 6 months and we haven’t kissed yet. This corona virus has made me realize I do actually need him and he’s one of the best things to happen to me.

Love this, good for u

This sounds like a movie scene! Happy for you guys! You must have really good compatibility – Volikov test helps to find out a lot of new information about each other. Happy for you, keep the spirit!

Do brag about it, love is wonderful!

so cute ?