Relazioni e amore

I (40) am trapped by husband (40) into being a servant.

I think at this point you should just get any job you can, like at a grocery store as a cashier, and just start leaving he house to go work and make your own money. As you’re doing that start applying to other jobs that are more relevant to law. Maybe that means taking some online courses and updating your resume maybe it means starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Get your independence back. Start small and work your way up. Also is alimony a thing where you live? If you divorce your husband will he be legally obligated to pay you spousal support ? These kinds of situations is exactly what spousal suppose is meant for.

Why can’t you get a job? Do you have access to the car? You can do door dash or post mates or instacart. You can work in a grocery store. Lots of them hiring right now. Yes you’d likely have to start at the bottom. But isn’t it better to start now so that when your kid is graduated in 3 years, you have some money, and you can build? There are accredited online colleges, where you could start in a new field. Looooads of people get brand new lives when their kids get older. You can do the same.

I recommend WGU, just take a look at it.

This is heartbreaking. Does your family know about this? Is there a way to reach it to them?