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I (40) am trapped by husband (40) into being a servant.

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Stupidly, stupidly, I agreed to be a stay at home parent, now three years till child finishes school.

I've got no skills and husband basically stopped being caring and affectionate and I realized that all he wanted was a live in maid. He cheated and is generally cruel. I don't think he sees me as human.

I've stopped doing anything re housework. I just buy microwave meals for grocery. He will put clothes from the hamper in the machine, all of them in the dryer then all piled into the couch in the bedroom and dig through that for clothes. Sometimes load the dishwasher. He's put me on silent treatment for several weeks now.

I've got no way to get a job, apart from maybe being a cleaner or care worker, which wouldn't be so different from this.

Husband pulled a bait and switch after we got married. Pretended he wanted a relationship when he just wanted a housekeeper.

Edit: I'm asthmatic and my child has similar issues so ATM with covid, options are more limited re work. I'm in the UK.

You have a law degree. You need to realise that you from your uni days is still in there, become her again

Life isnt over at 40, see it as a new start

your story is important for young women to hear.

I’m sorry for your situation

Damn…. I am in a similar setting, so i know how you feel

You should just get out of there! There must be parties that can help you and your kid moving out and finding a place for your own, and also help you get a job.

I made the mistake of staying in my marriage, and my kids suffered for it….more than i thought they would…

You had no skills prior? You lived until your thirties and never worked?

Well get some skills now!

Use him to get out of your situation.

You could be a CNA pretty easily. Most hospitals will train you, and help you get certified. It’s a decent job and if you like it, you could get a nursing going to a community college.

You aren’t trapped. You have lots of options. Start looking into them.

What country?