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I asked my crush out and we are going on a date next week <3.

ReverseZebra02 ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

I couldn’t be happier as a 19 year old guy. I’m smiling ear to ear and feel like I have been shot by Cupid’s arrow. I have known my crush for a couple years but never really had the opportunity where I felt it was appropriate to ask her out. Over the few months in specific I feel that I have done a lot to come out of my social shell and truly love myself as a person. I’m overcoming judgement and fears of other people in general! This led me to have enough courage to just go for it and ask my crush out. She said she would love to go on a date and we spent the entire last week (quarantine) FaceTiming, chatting, and watching movies. Now that our quarantine has lifted we are actually able to get something planned for real life! I want to take her for a hike in the woods, set up a hammock, watch movies, and eat snacks for as long as she can stand me ?! I’m through the roof excited you guys.

So glad to hear this dude, and proud of you for finally conquering your fear!! Best of luck to the both of ya!!

Good luck. Keep her happy. Have a bright future:)

Aw really happy for you! I’ve had this girl on my mind for the past couple months yet for the first time in my life I find myself not knowing what to do so it’s nice to hear things are moving forward for you 🙂

I’m really excited for you my guy! I hope you both have fun and it’s gonna be everything you hoped for. Please keep us posted on how it goes!

I’m happy for you my man. You are probably a great person, and you deserve it. Enjoy that day to it’s fullest, I’m sure you will. Happy date man!