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Why do panda bears have fangs like carnivores when all they eat is bamboo?

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I was wondering if their carnivor-like teeth wouldn’t wear because of eating all that bamboo.
Wouldn’t it be easier for them to have the same teeth as for example rodents?

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They used to be carnivores. Depending on your definition, they still are. They’re in the order Carnivora and the family Ursidae. Their closest living relatives are black bears and brown bears. Pandas are the only species in their subfamily, having split off from the subfamily Ursinae (which includes black, brown, and polar bears) a long time ago. Nonetheless, they are true bears.

They just haven’t had enough time or evolutionary pressure to lose their canine teeth.

Eating bamboo was likely the result of loss of prey species millions of years ago and an empty niche for a large animal eating plentiful bamboo. So, they moved to the mountains and filled that niche. Pandas also lack other traits common with herbivores like multiple stomachs and a long intestinal tract to break down plant matter. That’s ok because the inside of bamboo is relatively easy to digest (still harder than meat), and they just eat a ton of bamboo to make up for their inefficiency at extracting what little nutritional value exists in bamboo.

They are actually omnivores and will occasionally eat rodents or scavenged carcasses.

They just prefer bamboo.

Their most recent relatives, by a quick look, are carnivores. They have much the same things to be carnivores. They are herbivores by action, and will take a long time to reflect that by physical pieces.

Because they used to eat meat, they moved away from the coastline and up into the more hilly areas possibly away from humans but there was little for them to eat except bamboo which now makes up the majority of their diet.

Did this question stem from the popular post on r/aww today?