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It’s finally time, I want to marry her

quirkypinkllama ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

There's no other way to put it than to say I know for sure that I want to marry her. The way she smiles shines bright and light's up my mood in an instant. Her generosity leaves me in awe. Her beauty leaves me speechless when I look straight into her eyes, only except my heart is beating, and wishing it could tell her exactly how much she means to me. It's been a long journey with many ups and many downs, I feel ashamed for the times I wasn't the person I should've been for her. I feel embarrassed to think that I was doing good, even though I could've done so much more. All I want to do is be the reason behind her smile and promise her to love and care for her for as long as we live. I had always told her that I'd proposed as soon as something told me that it's time, as soon as my heart told me to get it done and that time has come. All I hear is church bells ringing in my head and I want to announce it to the world, that I'm gonna marry the girl of my dreams.

Sounds like she’s the one for you! I’m pretty sure the day you ask her to marry you she will be as nervous as you but she will say yes! She’s such a lucky lady to have a man like you in her life!

Idk how old you are and what society you belong to, but as somebody living in this dank world I really appreciate ANYBODY trying to make things work long time! Congratulations on taking a wholehearted decision to be with the one you love throughout!

I’m not really against people who don’t believe in marriage or long term relationships, be they of any sexual orientation or any gender spectrum identity, but I really really appreciate anyone who has the courage to take a big decision like this!

It is easy to fall in love, many times, for various reasons..but to make and uphold a commitment for a’s not just about ‘Living in the moment’ but also thinking beyond…I know it’s a cliche but you don’t just want someone you’re attracted to right now …you want to be with that person at their best as well as their worst..also when you’re all dried up and grey with food dribblijg down…accepting them with all their quirks..and that is really heartwarming.

Cheers to you!

Congratulations brother ♥️ wishing u a very happy and fulfilling marriage!

Beautiful. I hope to find this in a man one day ?