Relazioni e amore

My [36M] wife [34F] keeps tying my boots after I’ve told her to keep her hands off of them. I tried to teach her a lesson and really hurt her feelings.

This person is insane and manipulative.

This is not funny. One day she will kill a person by proxy if you let her.

I would seriously consider at least sleeping or keeping your things in a room where she can not reach them but I am being honest this does not sound like a stable collected person to build your life with. She will cost you dearly one day and will absolutely never stop her shenanigans. She does not respect you and she is slightly mentally ill on top of that.

Also, this sounds like OCD (source: I have OCD)

She’s not quirky, she’s neurotic.

That doesn’t absolve her of being an asshole, though.

Wow your wife sucks. After reading some of your replies I’d say the bigger problem here is that she has no appreciation for how vital your job is. She needs a reality check.