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My boyfriend raped a girl

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Sorry for grammar, English isn't my first language.

Today I realized my boyfriend raped a girl 3 years ago and I am so disappointed and shocked. We are together for 6 months, and he was always respectful and kind to me. I make part of a feminist project with this girl, I knew she was raped but today she told me my boyfriend did it. I told my boyfriend and he admitted, they were dating and one night they were very drunk, she said no and he doesn't care and raped her. He told me the truth and cried a lot, told me he was young, stupid, and regretted. I love him but I don't know if I would forgive and trust him again and if I would make part of a feminist group if I decide to keep with a rapist. I am so confused.

He never would have told you.

He told you because he got caught.

This isn’t even about being a bad feminist. He’s a rapist. A rapist. What will happen next time he’s ‘very drunk’ and you’re the one saying no? He feels regret that you found out… he didn’t tell you himself. Staying in the relationship isn’t a risk worth taking, imo.

Leave immediately.

Women support other women. He told you he’s a rapist. He only cried because he got caught. I’d help the other girl press charges tbh.

What do you think will happen the day you say no and he wants to?