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What is the worst way to die?

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What is the worst way to die?

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John Jones, Nutty Putty cave. Crawled into an unexplored part and got himself wedged in upside down. He exhaled to try and squeeze through but when he breathed out he got pinned. Stuck upside down in a dark crevice deep in a cave for hours unable to expand his chest to breathe while the blood pooled into his head and eventually died. The hopeless terror, claustrophobia, discomfort, and regret makes this a pretty bad way to go. They sealed the cave with his body still inside.

Getting eaten is my greatest fear. That has got to be the worst, especially knowing what is happening when it happens

During the Pearl Harbor attacks one of the ships sank and three of the crew members where sealed in a small room. Everyone else is dead underwater, but these guys were in a bubble. They had limited air, food, water, and no way to escape. If they could somehow cut their way through metal they would still have to swim all the way back up.

So they did the only thing they really could do: sit and wait thinking about dying until they finally pass out. We actually know how long they spent alive because they kept a calendar. Two and a half weeks.

That torture method where they put rats in a bucket and turn it upside down on your stomach and put hot coals on top of the bucket, causing the rats to get away from the heat by burrowing into your stomach, afterwards they would often drop the hot coals into your stomach aswell through the hole the rats made

Drowning in shit seems to be the worst way to go. Happened to a lot of people who scooped shit out of latrine houses in the middle ages.

Though I read a story about some men locked in a shipping container that was found recently. Their bodies were completely dissolved. They brought provisions for a short journey, but ended up trapped in a container that crossed the ocean at a snails pace. They starved to death in a small container barely bigger than a large closet, with no sunlight, possibly surrounded by other containers, unable to be heard by anybody or able to escape even if they somehow pried off the sheet metal.