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My ex broke up with me slept with other people and now wants me back…

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Hi, I hope everyone is good. This is something i just have to get off my chest.

I had been with my girlfriend for a little over two years when she broke up with me in college. She had said that it was because she wanted to grow and work on herself and that going to separate colleges was very stressful for her to balance her personal and school life. We lived in two separate cities that weren't too far away (about 45 minute train ride), and we would see each other at least once a week but usually more. While I must admit that at first I didn't see this as a problem, but after we broke up I realized that living in different cities is not easy, even if we are close. When we broke up it was hard for both of us as we loved each other tremendously, but I accepted it because I wanted her to be happy even though I though we could have stayed together. She had told me that she was doing this for herself and not because of other guys or other reasons. We agreed to not talk and we didn't see or speak to each other for one semester. After one heartbroken, depressed semester she reached out to me wanting to see me again. I agreed and while meeting she confessed that she had slept with multiple guys. She also said that she wanted to get back together. I was like WTF!? anyways when I asked her why, she told me she was not over me and that she did this because she thought I didn't want to see her anymore and it was the only way to get over me. She said she didn't enjoy any of it and she knows she made a mistake but doesn't regret her initial decision because she had personal growth or whatever the fuck… The truth is that since corona virus has caused our schools to shut down, we have been living in the same city and I have been seeing her more because Im definitely not over her, however I was clear that we are NOT back together. She agreed and said she will do anything for me. I know I'm happy when Im around her but I have awful dreams about her sometimes and it makes me feel like shit. I feel like she betrayed me, even though we weren't together, and I feel like she just completely forgot about me for several months just having fun at frat parties while I was struggling. I don't plan on seeing her again when I go back to school, however some part of me wants to get back together with her in the future. I still love her and I know she loves me but making the right decision is tough.

Am I justified in feeling like she betrayed me?

Is it bad to keep seeing her?

What is the best thing to do cuz I'm just confused…

Don’t you just love a good ole “the grass wasn’t greener story?” It’s actually hilarious seeing people crawl back to their exes when they find out being free and having as much sex as they want isn’t better than companionship or having someone love you more than anything.

In most of these cases, the ex will kick the person to the curb because they know they can do better. I hope you make the same choice.

Please do not get back together, she thought she could do better and has been intimate with others whilst you were struggling.. find someone that loves and respect you the same way as you love and respect her.

YOU deserve better SHE doesn’t deserve you.

Honestly going full contact is for the best, if you wanna stay in contact it’s up you but it might lead to getting back together and you will question everything about her later on, who did she sleep with? Why was I not good enough? What happened? So on and so on.

You look her straight in the eyes and tell her: That’s not really a good deal for me, I’m gonna find someone better, but I wish you a great life. Then ghost her. You are either their 1st choice or no choice at all. Have some self respect man…

She didn’t make a mistake, she wasn’t looking for personal growth.

  1. She wanted local dick.
  2. She got local dick.
  3. Now cause of corona, you are the local dick.
  4. When she goes back to her school and you go back to yours she’s just gonna want that local dick again and that’s not gonna be you.

If you still have feelings for her you’re just setting yourself up to be hurt again.

She realised she cant find better than you because you are awesome OP! And you deserve someone as awesome as you, and she isnt.