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How to be sexier?

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My girlfriend (26) and I (26m) have been together for about 2 years and we have a developed a pretty routine sex life. Sometimes though she will surprise me by doing things like going into the bedroom when we're hanging out and she'll emerge in lace lingerie. It makes me feel great, it's super hot and I love these surprises but I'm starting to feel like I dont have any idea how to reciprocate these actions. I want to be able to surprise her too! I'm in good shape but otherwise but I'm a 26 year old mega nerd. Any suggestions for things I can do from my end to surprise her?

Tldr how does one do a sexy surprise?

I would offer her back rubs randomly! They’re a super sweet thing to do and I’ve yet to meet another woman who doesn’t love them. If done right, massages are very sensual!

I feel like women think a little different or find different things sexy. Doing things for her is pretty sexy or can make her feel loved or sexy. Bringing dinner home, scheduling her a hair appointment, buying a makeup pallet. Whatever she would be surprised by. Playing with her hair, taking a shower with her, wine nights. Like dirty stuff maybe play with her when she’s on the phone, send fun texts throughout the day. Hope this helps

I don’t have anything constructive to add to this conversation but I just have a mental image of you bursting out of a fake wall, Kool-Aid man style, also dressed in lace lingerie. Don’t do that. But I had to share.

I’m not feeling very creative, but you could always get some massage oil or a massage bar and tell her you want to treat her to a massage. That’s a nice way to pamper a partner that can lead to sexy times.

When she goes into the bathroom to change into sexy lingerie, quickly change into sexy lingerie of your own and jump back onto the bed so she opens the bathroom door to you posed like one of Jack’s French girls