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My [F21] older sister [F35] makes me want to kill myself.

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My parents are dead and I have been living with my older sister. Last year I was hit by a car and I was seriously injured.

At the moment I’m a full-time student. I can’t get a part-time job in order to move out of my sister’s house because my health conditions isn’t too good. I barely can go to school because being around other people and listening to others get me very tired.

Despite depending on my older sister, I try my best to help her around the house. I clean, do laundry and help her with preparing dinner. However, she ignores all my effort to help her. She keeps saying that I do nothing and that i’m lazy, etc.

I feel like the only reason she’s keeping me is the money I should get from insurance company. She really wants to buy a new house. However, she can’t get a loan from the bank, so she expects me to give her the loan instead.

When she puts me down, I really want to die, disappear or just leave her house but I have nowhere to go.

What should I do and how should I deal with her?

Do you gave any other family you could talk to

NO DONT!! I gone through the same fucking situation. I got hit by a car when I was 12 and my dad literally that’s the only thing he cared about. I turned 18 he used it all basically then blamed me and went back being toxic. I got 18k out of it too. Please do not give her a fucking dime. If she’s acting how you say she is , please use it on yourself. I’m 20 now and it was hard overcoming that loss because it could’ve changed my life but I let it go and moved foward. But please do not give her a dime , save for yourself and plan ahead. She doesn’t have your best interests. She’s only focused on herself.

You’ve gotten some good advice here for options about getting out of this situation, which I’d echo: your mental health is important, & your sister is not being understanding or supportive of that, & is actively hurting you by putting you down. You should focus on trying to get some professional counseling to help you deal with your suicidal thoughts, & doing your best to get out of her home as soon as possible. If you continue to have suicidal thoughts, please call a hotline or talk to someone. You seem like a kind & thoughtful person & you deserve to live with someone who is kind to you & supportive of you & doesn’t belittle you.

Other posters have mentioned not giving her any money, which you shouldn’t. Importantly, not only because she’s acting verbally abusive & not taking your health seriously, but also because I guarantee you she will never pay you back a dime of what she owes you. It’s not a leap to think she might be telling you you’re useless because she will later try to tell you she shouldn’t pay you back because she did so much to support you, & she deserves the money because you were such a burden. Also, if the bank won’t give her a home loan at 35, she may not have the money management skills to pay you back even if she wants to. You’re very young & you’ve been in a serious accident. If you loan her this money & she doesn’t pay you back, it could seriously impact your ability to support yourself in the future. Keep the money for yourself, don’t give any of it to your abusive sister, & move out as soon as you can, please!

Yeah. Don’t give her a dime.

I don’t have any hard and fast advice to give, but I really hope you are able to move past this.

21 is quite young to have lost your parents, and it’s even worse that your sister is resentful of your injury. Family should be there for each other when things are bad, and it’s really unfortunate that your sister doesn’t understand that.

You’re welcome to message me if you want someone to talk to. It sounds like a bad situation, and feeling hopeless is understandable.