Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: i wish to take a piss on the MOON

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Ma… Hai mai pensato alle conseguenze che potrebbe avere?
Questa rubrica esplora le connessioni e l’impatto dei desideri… Se diventassero realtà

1two3four5seven: i wish to take a piss on the MOON
i wish to take a piss on the MOON

Ed ecco le possibili conseguenze:

Granted. You become an astronaut who is sent on a mission to land on the moon. As you exit the lunar lander your space suit rips at the crotch. You realise what is happening and the fear makes you pee one small drop before it freezes to ice and your blood starts to boil and you realise you can’t breathe and quite quickly freeze to death in the vacuum of space.

Granted, but your wife is now taken by a black hedgehog, and he pissed on her.

Granted. All your nudes are leaked on

Granted. You are drafted into the newly formed Space Force. 2 years into your service the earth faces an extraterrestrial threat. You fight to protect your world, only to fall and crash onto the moon. Alone, you wander to try to find an escape.

You take shelter in a lunar cave. Radio still not working. Green beady eyes shimmer around you, countless. A disgusting claw wraps around your arm, slowly pulling you into the darkness. All the while a warm stream of liquid runs down your leg, finding itself dripping on the moon as your suit is ripped open.

Granted. We all have 24 hours before the piss droplets hit the earth.