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My girlfriend is on her period: what can I drive over as a gift?

Brown_Dawg1993 ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

Hi so I want to get something to make her smile while she’s struggling with period cramps. I want to stay away from candy and chocolate because she’s been trying to lose weight recently and I want to respect that. What is something I can drive over to her house?

Her mom is a nurse so she’s been self-quarantining recently

This is the sweetest thing ever omg I would say a heating pad if she doesn’t already have one. It feels so good when you put it on medium when you’re cramping. And maybe flowers if she likes that or something else cute like scrunchies, it’s the thought that counts so taking her anything would cheer her up honestly.

You are the sweetest.

Maybe self care things? Nail polish or face masks or popcorn? A card with something nice? Or even just cheap flowers would make my day.

How about a healthy care package? You could bring water or a new reusable water bottle, fresh fruit, trail mix or snack mix, women’s gummie multivitamin (if she’s into that kind of thing), and tea. Ginger is said to be helpful with cramps and it’s delicious so I’d highly suggest a tea with ginger!

She’s lucky to have someone like you in her life. Hope she loves her gift(s)!

If she’s an animal lover, sending her funny/cute baby animal pictures/videos/memes will never fail to make her smile

There’s an ice cream literally made of purées frozen bananas among other things if you want to flavor differently (like strawberries) that people use to substitute ice cream since it feels and looks like the same thing!