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Does anyone else weirdly feel like their mental health has benefitted from isolation?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Does anyone else weirdly feel like their mental health has benefitted from isolation?

Before everything I was incredibly stressed out trying to juggle a lot of things.

Working, trying to exercise, trying to have time for my dog, trying to have a social life, trying to keep up with family, trying to find a date lol all sorts of stuff.

During all that time of stress though I was neglecting myself. I spent so much time trying to do other things that I didn't really even know who I was… if that makes sense.

During this isolation I have been able to really look introspectively as to who I am as a person

I have determined that I am a good son to my parents. A good brother to my siblings. An awesome uncle. A good friend.. I look at my dog and I can see the love she has for more me. I've determined that as a whole I am a good person.

I have realized that I can comfortable with who I am. Before I was always trying to fit in with all sorts of things. Now I know more of what my direction and ideals/beliefs, and Interests are.

I was able to indulge in some nostalgia and play some games ive all but forgotten and never really had time to finish. I even busted out the GameCube and nintendo 64, xbox 360 and just indulged in some things I loved from childhood. I even found that peoppe were still even playing Halo 3 and Halo reach online! I had a blast

I have majorly gotten myself into cooking. Before my meals basically consisted of food from places like chipotle, noodles and company, etc. Now I've realized that when I put my mind to it, homemade food can be fucking delicious. I even plan meals throughout the week based on what ingredients I have!

I have read a lot more. Before I'd be hard pressed to read 1 book a year. I've already read 5 in 2 months.

Most noticeably I've felt less stress about money. I'm getting my normal pay from unemployment, but I'm missing out in spending all that extra money on material good or going out to eat.

I've finally been able to set myself up financially. I'm always i month of rent ahead and I have also been able to put a few thousand dollars into investments.

I also feel less stress having to hang out with friends. Before id always wouldn't feel very psyched to hang out with friends because I was so tired. Now I dont have to worry about being tired. Plus my friends and I just chat over the phone. So im.still keeping up without having to maintain a physical presence words

I've realized I actually hate my job and am shifting my goals elsewhere.

Idk i mean obviously I haven't been this happy the whole time. But once I realized more and more that this is the new normal for a while it kinda shifted me on from stressing out about the virus, to redirecting me in a different direction in life and making me realize the positives I have to offer as well as the negatives and how I can turn those negatives to positives.

Sorry if this was a long read, it just felt really good putting my thoughts into words

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I was at pre-hypertension blood pressure levels before the shutdown, and actively monitoring it for improvement. I’m completely normal now, and feel incredible. I’m able to work from home, so my sleep has also skyrocketed along with no more commuting. I’m incredibly healthier now, and depression vanished.

I’m not an introvert, but I love alone time. I can spend hours working on projects by myself at home, so isolation is great for me. There’s also no need to always be “on” for when coworkers walk into my office.

I do feel slightly better overall, but since I can’t see my friends I feel lonelier than ever. I have started working out, I have a better relationship with my parents and brother, but I miss my friends and that really brings me down.

Mine definitely has. I don’t know if it’s because of my autism or if it’s just better for people in general, but quarnatine is actually treating me great!

I’m finding life so much easier, working still mostly from home the non commute is giving me back 5 hours a week, even managing to cook every night. My husband who is housebound due to disability definitely happier, it’s a win win for me, him and the dogs

Mine has deteriorated. Or atleast ive gotten much fatter.