Relazioni e amore

My teacher (39M) said he loves me (18F)

All I have to say is…if he is romanticizing love at his age it’s not a good sign. You’re too young to know, so it’s perfectly logical for you to get swept up in this fantasy. And the fact that he was texting you and you think it was normal…no. It’s not normal. No respectable teacher would do that and he knew exactly what he was doing. I PROMISE you you will look back on this and be grossed out by it when you’re older.

He’s a 39 year old teacher with 2 failed marriages on the same emotional level (actually lower because you’re reflecting on it and I doubt he is) as a high school girl. Don’t put his ass on a pedestal.

Oh goodness OP. You won’t want to believe this but this man is a predator. Once you graduate from college you’ll be too old for him, he will have moved on to other students.

There is no good person who would have late night texting conversations with their 16/17 year old student. The man is 40 and says he wants to marry you (“after uni”, how gracious of him). Incidentally, the “after uni” part is either a reason to pursue a sexual relationship now and put off his promises, or a way for him to put up a smokescreen of time, so he is slightly less suspicious.

The man is 40. Fuck knows guys your age can be idiots, but this guy is a predator

Holy shit, if this isn’t grooming I don’t know what is. This man should be fired and NEVER allowed to teach again.

OP, please let someone from the school know this is going on. This is abuse 100%

This is completely unethical. I would be fired if I was texting a student late at night.

He has been grooming you, even if you can’t see it. If this wasn’t on purpose, he would have backed way way way off once he realized what was happening because it’s completely unethical and could (and should!) get him fired.