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Told him I was falling for him. He admitted he’s talking to a handful of women and never took me seriously.

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I told him I was falling for him. He told me it was never serious for him and he talks to a “handful of women”, literally his words. We’ve been dating for six months and this was my first time opening up and telling him this. He had no remorse in his response. He told me he was cutting it off because I shouldn’t be catching feelings for him when he doesn’t want a relationship. So that’s it. We haven’t talked in 2 days. What hurts the most is that I thought we were friends too. I can’t imagine how it could be so easy to hurt someone who has shown you nothing but love 💔 I’ve been crying and feeling like a fool. How do you guys move on? I can’t think of anything else.

Edit Thank you guys for all of your responses and comments, it really is making me feel better. Even the ones who are telling me that I brought this upon myself, y’all aren’t wrong either. I know that there are red flags, but I ignored many of them hoping that I was wrong about them.

I wanted to add, he never did tell me he did not want a relationship. He’s actually been calling himself my boyfriend and me his girlfriend. From my understanding, we were taking things slow and that the amount of time we could spend together was limited because of our work schedules; he worked nights, I worked swings with only 1 day off the same. He was always telling me how tired he was and that was my excuse for his lack of effort. I don’t blame him for not loving me back and letting me go because I fell for him. I’m only hurt because of his lack of remorse, he didn’t have to be so mean, and because he lied to me about the other women.

He NEVER told me that he would be seeing other women. I told him right in the beginning that if he was dealing with other women I was not interested. He promised me that he was not the type of man and he didn’t have time for more then one woman at a time.

I knew that expressing how I felt to him would make or break our relationship, but I had to set myself free, regardless of which way it went. He was never clear about anything and never direct. This was my way of getting him to be clear. I do not regret telling him how I feel because now I know the truth and I can move on ❤️

Damn I’m so sorry, first do no contact asap delete everything no matter how much it hurts I’ve been in a similar situation and my pms are opened!

Keep yourself busy and exercise regularly

Hahahah. I feel like that’s common. Treat you like a partner and step back because you are attached after it was already discussed that you both like each other.

You deserve better

I couldn’t, I get too attached. That and trying to date more than one person at a time seems like more hassle than it’s worth, how does one even keep up with the BS?

The heart wants what it wants, but you need to leave and never look back.

There will be a man that will treat you like a queen and will love the **ck out of you. But anyone who says what this man has said to you – is no real man in my book.

Did he make it clear beforehand that he doesn’t want a relationship?

When i confessed my feelings to a girl I went on a few dates with (she was my childhood crush) she said “I know”. While my current crush said “crushes are meant to be crushed” that was it, I haven’t felt like dating or being in a relationship for over a year now.

I’m sorry you’re going through this, it sucks. Just know that this is one of those situations where, a little while down the line, when you meet someone who is actually worthy of your time and your love, you will think back to this moment and say to yourself “thank fuck that idiot didn’t waste more of my time”.

Sending you a big hug.