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UPDATE: I [23/M] met a girl that I really like, but her brother is my bully from middle school.

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Earlier today, me and my date got together for another hiking trip. I was ready to tell her all about my history with her brother, but she actually started the conversation first and told me all about how after our first date, Colin talked to her and told her not to date me. She just told him to piss off and that's when I came clean and told her about everything that went on with me and Colin in middle school. I told her all about the bullying, the rumor, my payback, and so forth. She actually got a good laugh out of me screwing him over for class king and she started telling about how he came home that night after the dance, locked himself in his room, and actually threw a fit and cried about it. She also told me some other things about him.

She told me that in his Junior year of high school, she walked in on him watching Barney and he begged her not to tell anyone, and she also told me that he has a fear of pirates. He apparently refuses anything to do with pirates and he actually does start to get all anxious whenever he sees one, and she claims that she has no idea why he fears them so much. It was actually interesting to hear all of these revelations about Colin and I'm considering using them to my advantage if he tries to cause any trouble for me.

But the best part in all of this is thay my date has rebuked her brother and she told me that she still wants for us to see each other. That was really all I needed to hear, so for the time being it looks like things are going good for me and this girl.

You’re grown. You should really just move on. She’s not listening to what he said so I don’t see it causing issues unless you let him. You’re not in middle school anymore so don’t try to get back at him. You sound like you’re still in middle school.

You’re not in middle school anymore. You a whole grown man. Leave that shit behind and be civil. There’s no need to be petty and continue this immature fuckery. He is also a human being just like you and it sounds like he wasn’t having best time then either. I’d say talk to him honestly hush it out and then live your life if he’s mot up for it then at most you’ll have to tolerate him few times now and then. Take the high road my friend.

Seriously let it go. Just stay out of his way and if this is really the kind of thing you are thinking of doing (using stupid info against him for whatever reason) break up with that girl and find someone else. You are 23 not 13.

This is all kind of sad, if it’s true. It might be time to move past your high school stressors and stop writing revenge stories on the internet.

You say you’re 23 but the way you think and process things is so immature. I would honestly suggest to you to work on yourself because you clearly have bigger (mental) problems to work on than worry about having a relationship..

I know it sucks to hear that but the truth hurts. It blows my mind you are 23 and not like 13 or so.