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What would be an immediate “Nope, conversation over” when talking to a man?

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I saw this question on r/AskMen and was curious about the female equivalent. I can only think of misogynistic statements where this has occurred for me, so I'm curious what seemingly innocent comments have the same effect.

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

If he mentions how he’s a “nice guy” and all his past girlfriends were crazy.

If he talks over me or constantly interrupts.

If he tries to gatekeep my interests.

If he does the whole obnoxious “well actually..” thing.

Any kind of remark that is sexist/homophobic/shitty.

Tries to bring up anything sexual when I don’t even know him at all or when it’s not appropriate.

Saying feminist in a bad way

Hey sweetie, hi honey or any variation of a pet name. Dries me up faster than anything.

Honestly? A lot of the same types of things the guys listed.

Have there been a lot of people screw you over? Have the last fourteen jobs ended because of “corporate bullshit”? Is it Chad’s fault that you can’t get a promotion? Are you telling me about how horrible and crazy the last twenty-three exes have been?

I get it. We all have things in life that haven’t gone our way. But if the last 348 people you’ve known have all been life-ruiners for you, there seems to be a common denominator.

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