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[UPDATE] I’m [45M] at my wits end regarding my son [18M]

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Just as my day couldn't get any worse, a major event happened and now I feel like mentally losing it.

So I called the cops on my son on another's advice and I did hear he surrendered peacefully. A court hearing is set for tomorrow about bail and I plan to speak to my son.

Me and my daughter both decided to spend the night at my parent's house [Both 67 years old] and I had to return something I borrowed from my friend [40M] so I decided to drop her off first, return the item to my friend, and then head back to spend the night and clear my head.

But then when I got to the friend's house, I noticed my wife's car in the parking lot. I initially decided to just leave the item at the front to not disturb my wife as I initially thought she needed a brief moment to cool off. And then I heard the sound of thumping so I went to the house (the door was already open,) and I caught them both screwing each other. At this point, so much anger was coming over me and my wife just decided to justify her cheating in that I pay more attention to supposedly controlling my son than listening to her advice about letting him do what he wants. She even tried to say this was only the first time she cheated but then the friend had brief remorse and said this had been going on for nearly a year.

I yelled at my friend to never speak to me again and told my wife to get her stuff out of our house by tomorrow. Other than that, I drove to a parking lot and am now on a verge of a mental breakdown. What the fuck should I do before I lose it competely?

Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer. Also, who knows how long this has been going on. Paternity tests and lawyers all around.

Go back to your parents’ house and see if you can get some sleep. Tomorrow talk to some lawyers. Your marriage is done, so do what you can for your son. I wish you good luck.

Get a lawyer and freeze your bank accounts ASAP. Your wife is a lunatic from what I read in both posts. You’re the only one with their head on straight. Keep it that way, it’ll be a tough few weeks at first, but I hope it’ll level out soon after. But get that lawyer first.

Well this is officially fake, 6 hour update, first you drop that your son does heroin and now your wife is cheating on you with the one person you just so happened to have to go deliver something to on your way home.

Staying at home got you real bored huh?

Stay strong, your daughter needs you now more than ever.

Maybe consider going to a therapist, something like this can destroy you if you let it.