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Update: My (23F) boyfriend’s mother (56F) keeps putting an ingredient I’m allergic to in her dishes.

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So, hi again, and thanks for the advice! I also saw that there was already a YouTube and TikTok video on my post which was weird, but I digress.

Anyways, onto the update.

To those of you who said she just didn't like me: you were 100% correct.

After my boyfriend woke up yesterday, we had a long talk about how bothersome his mother's refusal to take out garlic is. He agreed that we should skip the dinner until she takes it out.

Something about it still bothered me so I ended up calling her and just bluntly asking her. She kept evading the question, saying she's just a garlic lover, that she doesn't understand what the big deal is, et cetera, et cetera. Finally, after like thirty minutes of back and forth, she finally admitted that she just doesn't like me.

I think I'm correct in drawing the conclusion that she was trying to drive me from her family with garlic shenanigans but maybe I'm just overthinking, I dunno.

Anyways, I asked if it was because of my job (receptionist), my age, background, whatever. And she just flat out told me that she doesn't like that I have my septum and tongue done, and that I color my hair “unnatural colors”. She thinks it's unprofessional and proves that I'm too much of a “wild child” to date her son.

Which sucks, because I really like this woman but I guess she was just polite out of courtesy rather than actually liking me herself.

After I ended the call, I went to go find my boyfriend and he basically fessed up and said that yeah, his mother was not a fan and kept basically hinting that we should break up. Mostly by mentioning stuff like “my friend Jenny has such a cute daughter” and that sort of thing. Which hurts like hell, but I'm glad I know.

Anyways, my boyfriend and his sister have both agreed to just start up a group dinner once a month. I'm going to stop going to the dinners, and my boyfriend will just go without me.

TLDR: Woman just doesn't like me.

Update: I can officially say I've gotten the ick. This man sucks.

Update 2: I'm going to break up with him tomorrow. I'm too sleepy and pissed, but I'll post an update on my profile.

Honestly, this is one of those situations in which you would be justified to leave.

Your boyfriend could have told you she didn’t like you. He could’ve told you he suspected she was doing it on purpose.

My boyfriend would never have me at his parents’ home for food if they did something like this. (They wouldn’t. They’re lovely people who know I can’t always eat certain foods.)

Your boyfriend has done absolutely nothing to protect you from this behavior.

You can do better.

So your boyfriend knew his mother didn’t like you, but kept deliberately putting you in a position where your health could be impacted. Why would you stay with such a spineless mummys boy who won’t stand up for yiu? You can’t avoid his mother forever.

Kudos for having the guts to call her out though,that was brave.

The fact your boyfriend is gonna keep going to his mother’s dinner parties despite her repeatedly and intentionally poisoning his girlfriend out of spite is insane to me

If you and your bf ever become more serious (marriage, kids, etc), his mother will be the third person in your relationship. And I can guarantee you that she’ll win over you because her son refuses to stick up for you.

You deserve better.

Perhaps a new boyfriend is in order

Your boyfriend played dumb when he knew all along what she was doing and why. This should concern you. Why would he allow her to do that and why would you tolerate it?

ur boyfriend sounds too nonchalant ab this situation…

He knew all along and didn’t tell you? Ouch.

Personally I could never date someone who’s family I don’t get along with. It’s too awkward for me.