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UPDATE:my bf is mad that I won’t do anal

LeastCleverNameEver ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

After a shitload of nagging and begging from my bf I told him that if I did it I wouldn’t ever do it again.

After he started I immediately regretted it. I had to tell him to slow down several times and after about 2 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and cried out for him to stop. He wasn’t happy that I made him quit so soon but I couldn’t handle the pain any longer.

I have decided that I’m better off without him and I’m going to leave tomorrow when he is at work

Congratulations on making the decision to leave, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. You deserve a partner who respects your boundaries and your body.

Remember, how a person handles a ‘no’ says a lot about their character.

Good for you for standing up for yourself. You don’t need that in your life!

I actually love anal and I’ve never experienced pain or discomfort during it even without warmup. With that said my bf doesn’t like the idea of anal so I don’t push him to do something he does not want.

That’s a huge red flag and I think he is definitely not worth wasting time if he doesn’t care about your pleasure or pain. I absolutely support you leaving

Anal is something to work up to. You can’t just stick it in then go. There is lube and stretching involved.

TBH, your boyfriend (I’m assuming) has done anal in the past and he should’ve known bare minimum basics.