Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish I was mentally stable.

Granted, but nobody thinks you are stable.

Granted. Your mental faculties will be stabilized by the wonderful processes already occurring within your skull for the rest of your life!!!

sooo, would you like to use your next wish to do something about your anxiety, maybe some depression meds or a shrink?

Granted, you are perfectly stable, boring even nothing seems to affect you, you become indifferent to everything, your emotions and opinions never changing, you lose the ability to adapt, to feal fear or react to danger, you die of dehydration after a few days. Your mind is so perfectly stable, that you don’t respond to your body’s needs.

You ok bud?

Granted, your mental instabilities have now turned into physical disabilities. You now Have Functional Neurological Symptom Disorder. When you get stressed or depressed or anxiety you feel pain, lose the ability to walk and talk and become confused and disoriented.