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Can you eat instant noodles after expiration date?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Can you eat instant noodles after expiration date?

Found a box of ramen ~shrimp flavored~ but it says best by 01 04 19 and I double doubt it is safe to eat lmao but I’m still curious

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It’s still good until January 4, 3019

I doubt it would hurt you. If it doesn’t smell bad I’d eat it.

That stuff is so full of preservatives it’s probably still safe to eat but will taste even nastier than it does when relatively fresh.

OP – is there some kind of fat in that ingredient list that’s listed pretty early on? Fats going rancid are the main reason those go bad. If there are, I would avoid it.

People think instant noodles last forever. If you’ve ever found some you’ve forgotten some in a cabinet after 4 years, you’d know this is absolutely not true. Preservatives only go so far. It’s going at the very least going to taste terrible, and at the worst gonna make you vomit.

Here’s some people who tested it, along with other info: