Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish I was mentally stable.

I desideri si avverano?
Hai mai avuto un desiderio particolare? Siamo sicuri di si! ì
Ma… Hai mai pensato alle conseguenze che potrebbe avere?
Questa rubrica esplora le connessioni e l’impatto dei desideri… Se diventassero realtà

BroceNotBruce: I wish I was mentally stable.
I wish I was mentally stable.

Ed ecco le possibili conseguenze:

Granted. Your newly found stability is caused by a loss of elasticity. You will never be able to adapt or learn new things again without massive struggles

Granted. You are lobotomized, so from your doctor’s point of view, you are mentally stable.


Granted, you think you’re a building for housing horses.


You can hold about four horses, but with some meditation you may be able to hold 5.

Unfortunately, to make room, we had to remove motor skills and proper brain function. Vegetable stable.